Post Cataract YAG Laser Capsulotomy

What is a laser capsulotomy and when is it done?

A laser capsulotomy is a simple procedure that is sometimes necessary after cataract surgery. A cataract develops when the natural lens in the eye becomes cloudy, blurring the vision. Cataract surgery is performed to remove the cataract, which is the cloudy lens, and replace it with a new and clear artificial lens implant.

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Over time, the lens implant can develop a “film” behind it which can again cause symptoms of blurred vision. A simple laser capsulotomy procedure can be performed to create an opening in the film in order to restore normal vision.

What can I expect to happen if I decide to have a laser capsulotomy?

Laser capsulotomy does not require going to the operating room nor does it involve any incisions into the eye. It only takes a few minutes and is painless. The only anesthesia you will need are some eyedrops, which are the same as the eyedrops you receive during a routine eye exam.

Your vision will improve very quickly after the procedure. You do not have to alter your usual activities. The procedure is extremely safe. Very rarely complications do occur and they will be discussed with your Arlington Eye Center surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

How will I know if I need a laser capsulotomy?

If you feel that your vision has become worse since your cataract surgery, and you cannot do the things you need or like to do because your eyesight has changed, then you should consult your ophthalmologist. He or she can do a full eye exam to determine whether a laser capsulotomy would improve your vision.