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Comprehensive Eye Care

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Comprehensive Eye CareIn order to support healthy eyes and to maintain excellent vision you must have routine eye exams. For certain age groups it may be alright to have an exam every two years; however, if you are a senior or have diabetes it is a good idea to schedule one or two exams each year. Be sure to consult your Arlington Eye Center professional regarding the consistency of eye exams that you should continue.

At this exam your pupils will be dilated so the doctor can see into your retina, your vision will be checked and you will be screened for eye diseases or disorders. If further testing is required, a more comprehensive exam and possible testing will be scheduled.

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Let Us Keep Your Sights Set High at Arlington Eye Center

If you experience any changes in your vision between regularly scheduled visits with your eye specialist, you should schedule an appointment at Arlington Eye Center as soon as possible. Early detection of problems and treatment of problems can be the key to preventing loss of vision.

At Arlington Eye Center, our eye care providers provide a full range of services to meet your eye care needs. This includes glasses and contact lenses as well as screening and treatment of common eye conditions.

Please notify us if changes in your vision or other symptoms occur between visits, as early detection and treatment of problems can help prevent vision loss.

Your eye examination will consist of a thorough evaluation of your vision and ocular health. This usually includes refraction (an evaluation of your need for glasses or contact lenses) and a complete dilated eye exam. We will screen for common conditions such as dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration and retinal diseases such as those associated with diabetes and high blood pressure. A review of your medical history and symptoms will be considered along with the findings of your eye examination. Our Arlington Eye Center specialists will discuss conclusions with you, and communicate with your primary care physician or other doctors as needed.