Adult Strabismus

Strabismus causes eye misalignment in adults 18 years and over. This misalignment can occur in any direction such as inward, outward, up, or down. Adult strabismus can occur after having a case as a child. The cause of strabismus mainly involves an issue with the brain’s ability to control eye movement. However, additional causes may include issues with the eye’s nerve connections or problematic eye muscle control. Trauma to the body can also cause Strabismus such as a stroke, tumor, or head injury.


Double Vision (crossed eye or wandering eye): A patient will typically develop blurred or double vision from the misalignment of the eyes.

Lazy Eye: Lazy eyes are familiar in children, however, adults can also develop a lazy eye due to nerve or muscle weakness and vision loss.

Trauma: Individuals may develop strabismus following trauma. Symptoms may develop such as blurred or double vision. If this happens, it is important to call your doctor right away for immediate evaluation.


Our physicians at Arlington Eye Center have expertise in diagnosing and treating all causes of adult strabismus. It is important to treat strabismus right away in order to prevent amblyopia (weakening of the eye). If strabismus is left untreated, the weaker eye can become permanently impaired. Aligning the eyes with glasses or surgery allows for both eyes to work together to strengthen the weaker eye.